Project 2

The following lesson can be used in conjunction with the menu section of the html/css unit.

Photoshop filters can be used effectively for web projects. In the example below, we start with a map of the world.

We'll select one continent at a time with the lasso tool. Let's start with Africa.

This would also be a good time to introduce the magnetic lasso tool which automatically follows contours of objects. Other important aspects of the lasso tool:
1) holding the the shift key down while using the lasso tool adds to a previous selection
2) holding the the option key down while using the lasso tool subtracts from a previous selection

Next we want to select the inverse of our selection (everything but Africa) so we press command - shift I (the letter I, not the numeral 1).

We're ready to apply our desired effect which is to slightly desaturate the rest of the image. Press command - U to bring up the hue/saturation dialog box. Set the saturation to minus 60.

Save the file as a jpg image. Call it africa.jpg. Repeat the process for each continent.

We're ready to create our web project using the following html as a template.

This is the index.html page for displaying the world. We'll make a similar page for each continent. Remember to rename each html page using the names set out in the list. Also change the id="current" tag to the appropriate continent. Display the image for the current continent.

You'll need the minitabs.css file for the menu to display correctly. You can download it here

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