Project 1

Part 1 - The Lake Class

This project can be used in conjunction with the basic markup section of the html/css unit.

This project combines cropping an image in Photoshop with creating an HTML page. It also makes use of a Java applet though no Java programming is required. Begin by finding an image such as the one below.

Image from Wikimedia Commons, Rich Niewiroski Jr.

Use Photoshop or any other image editing software to crop the image at the shoreline.

Insert the HTML code from below into the body section of an HTML page. Be sure to download the Lake.class and keep all three files in the same directory. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the final result.

Download the Lake class

Part 2 - Java Photo Morphing

This project demonstrates how online web tools (created using Java) can be used to morph images. Below you can see an animation a student who was "aged" using the photo morphing website. Upload a picture and follow the instructions at The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer

View the resulting animation