Growing Up Online - Instructional Day 1

A series of videos addressing social issues surrounding today's youth and the use of the internet.
  • Living their Lives Essentially Online
  • A Revolution in Classrooms and in Social Life
  • Self Expression, Trying on New Identities
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Blogging - Instructional Day 1

Select your blogging tool of choice.
Reflect and write about the videos from Growing Up Online Just need a simple list of items you'd like to have access to online?
Try tadalist

Social Bookmarking - Instructional Day 2

A social bookmarking site can be compared to a neural network. Users collectively share and categorize the results of their searches.

Tag clouds - Instructional Day 2

A popular visualization tool in today's web is the tag cloud. It is used to display search terms and their relative popularity. A word cloud can be applied in the same way to any text. allows you to create a word cloud from a poem or a speech or any text you like.

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Web Applications - Instructional Days 3 through 5

Web applications can now accomplish most of the work that was at one time reserved strictly for desktop applications: